How to Get My Dog to Stop Chewing on Himself

Dog Chewing on Leg

Numerous times we observe that dog chews on legs, feet and other parts of the body which is considered quite natural. The primary reason behind this activity is that it provides relief to your pooch if he is facing itching on his body part. If incessantly dog is chewing on the leg, then you must consult a vet.

If your dog bites his leg, then there are some reasons behind it. In this article, I will talk about the same so that you can come to know about the causes.

Why Do Dogs Bite Themselves?

  • Dehydrated skin – Your pet may suffer from dry skin which may irritate his skin. It is due to cold weather or lack of fatty acids. At times the cracks, dandruff, and severe skin make the situation even worse. To experience some relief from itchiness, your beloved canine starts chewing his body part.
  • Microbes and other parasites- Number of microorganisms like fleas, mites, bugs, and ticks cause great uneasiness to your valued pooch. To get some comfort, the pooch chews the affected area. Proper brushing and visual check can save your pet from discomfort.
  • Dullness- The pooch bites his legs due to monotony. The external factors in the environment like fireworks, the shifting to a new place, or adding up of a new family member creates anxiety in the mind of the dogs. If your dear pet feels lonely, bored or restless, then he bites his paw.
  • Physical issues- The dog suffers from mold, pollen and bug bites that make the skin of your pet dry or oily. Soaps and pesticides can cause skin irritation to your pet. The dog starts paw biting due to the skin or fungal infection. The problems of aches, distress, pain, arthritis and other types of orthopedic problems cause discomfort to your pet due to which he chews his legs.

All these are the reasons due to which dog chew his legs. After knowing about the rights, I will talk about the solutions so that your pet discontinues the habit of chewing his legs.

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Himself?

  • Dog food- Provide your beloved pet the nutritious diet which should be rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Give high-quality pet food to your loving pet so that your pet remains healthy. Avoid offering him the diet to which his body reacts sensitively.
  • Brush regularly – Daily brush your pet especially when he possesses long hair or thick coat. It will help you in avoiding the contact of fleas.
  • Pay attention to the wound- If your pet suffers any injury then immediately provide him medical assistance or take him to vet so that his wounded area doesn’t get infected.
  • Keep away the chemicals- Your pet should be kept away from the chemicals so that he doesn’t suffer from any allergy. Apply only dog shampoo to clean his body.
  • Make pet busy- Allow your pet to remain working in some useful and refreshing task like playing with the toys. Whenever you find that your pet begins chewing, then you can offer him toys to divert his attention from chewing to playing.
  • Check worms- Make sure you keep your home free from fleas, mites and other types of germs. You can apply the medicines that keep away the bugs so that your pooch enjoys the comfortable life.

Final verdict

From this article, you will come to know about the reasons and solutions for the dog chewing on legs. If your dog licks paws, then no need to worry as by following the solutions mentioned in this article you can quickly get rid of the dog chewing habit. Allow your beloved pet to be happy and healthy so that he doesn’t get inclined to chewing on his legs.

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