Dog Leg covers | Best Dog Leg Protectors of 2018

Best Dog Leg Protectors

A dog needs to be walked daily, and for breeds like husky, it has to be twice a day, 30 minutes or more every time. If your pet is active, it’s bound that they will suffer from cuts in legs. Don’t let a small leg injury stop your dog from going for a walk or play around the house. Dog leg covers are the best paw protectors which can help them while walking and shield the wound effectively.

Dog wheelchair is the nice thing to help your dog move around if he/she is suffering from the injury in the leg. But, using the dog leg cover is more preferred thing to prevent most of sudden injuries to dog legs while playing or exercising. Here is the list of dog leg protectors designed for canine so they can enjoy a comfortable walk even in bad weather.

Best Dog Leg Protectors

1) Suitical Dog Recovery Black Sleeve

Suitical Dog Recovery Sleeve Large BlackThe suitical company has introduced Dog leg covers designed for a bigger dog who have injured the leg or gone through surgery. Made using the best quality material, it sits firmly on the legs without brazing the wound. The dog recovery sleeve comes in large size and has stretchable fabric.

Suitical Dog Recovery Black Sleeve comes with these following features:

  • Can be used on the left or right of front legs.
  • Provides support and covers wounds without irritating the skin.
  • Manufactured using high quality of cotton.
  • The fabric is stretchable making it best for large size dogs.
  • Interchangeable; can be used on right or left front leg
  • To determine the size, check out the measurement chart as per chest size of pet.


2) H4Legs Medium Size Dog Leggings

H4Legs Dog LeggingsTired of looking at different dog leg protectors for medium-sized dogs. The H4Legs have come up with Dog Leggings that will snuggly fit on pet’s legs. This product is two interconnected leggings that provide canine freedom to move around comfortably. As it is made using a high-quality material, the cover doesn’t itch or irritate the dog skin.

H4Legs Medium Size Dog Leggings comes with these following features:

  • H4Legs Dog Leggings are designed to provide comfort and freedom to pet legs.
  • Covers the wound and dressing without giving any irritation to pet’s injury.
  • Best alternative to dog collars or cones.


3) Agon Dog Front Leg Brace Paw Compression Wraps

Agon Dog Canine Front Leg BraceAgon Dog Leg Brace is designed specifically for dogs who have a leg injury or suffering from arthritis. This dog leg cover holds the ligaments in such a way that it reduces the pain by taking off the strain from dog’s knee. Also, once the brace is placed on the leg, your dog will have a restricted mobility that means enough rest and healing time.

Agon Dog Front Leg Brace Paw Compression Wraps comes with these following features:

  • Best among dog leg protectors available in the market.
  • Manufactured using mesh sheet which is easy to strap on dog’s legs.
  • Designed for Canine who has a leg injury, sprain or facing difficulty in walking because of arthritis.
  • Available in measurement: S/m: 4-6″ with 2 straps l/xl: 6-8″ with 3 straps, the length: S/m 4″, l/xl 6″
  • The size may vary depending on the dog’s breed. Please check the measurement charts before ordering.


4) Labra Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Brace Wrap

Labra Co. Dog Canine Front LegTired of seeing your dog limping with every step then go for the Labra Co. Compression Brace Wrap which is designed to provide support to weaken joint muscles and reduce the pain. Dogs love leading an active life and, with this dog leg cover, you will help them move around easily without worrying about any further damage.

Labra Co. Dog Canine Front Leg Compression Brace Wrap comes with these following features:

  • Designed especially elderly dogs who have limited mobility and weak joints.
  • The Front Leg Compression is available in medium, large and extra-large size.
  • Provides support to the sprained or weakened legs and for elder dogs facing arthritis problem
  • Labra Co. Dog Canine Front Leg is a vet-approved product
  • It is advisable to remove the brace within 2 to 3 hours after strapping and during the night to improve the blood circulation.


5) Walkin’ Wheels Pet Splint for Canine Front Leg

Walkin’ Pet Splint for DogsWalkin’ Wheels front leg cover is designed for medium-sized canine breeds. It’s among the best Dog leg covers available in the market. The leg cover provides perfect stability to the injured leg, and cushioned interior helps take them step comfortably without feeling too much pain.

Walkin’ Wheels Pet Splint for Canine Front Leg comes with these following features:

  • Walkin’ Wheels dog leg protectors are designed for canine breeds weighing 40-65lbs.
  • The total length of the splint is 10.25” for the paw of 6” measuring from longest toenail to carpal pad.
  • Designed to provide stability to an injured leg, sprained or fractured or weakened leg.
  • Sturdy, lightweight, cushioned interior and adjustable Velcro strap for secure fitting around the leg.


Choosing the Leg Protector

So, there you have it, the compilation of the best dog leg cover that won’t chafe your pet skin. Dog gets irritated with cones or covers and tends to rip it off as it restricts the movement. But with these dog leg protectors, they can have the freedom to walk around yet the injured portion will be perfectly covered until it heals.

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